Food Ubiquity – Food I Can Walk To

Here is a list of the places I can easily walk to from my house to get food and/or alcohol. These are not stores – they are dining and drinking establishments. None of them is further than 15 minutes from my front door. The closest is three minutes away, if that.

Coffee Shop – Coffee, tea, probably some pastries

  • Captain Kirk’s Coffee
  • Rebecca’s
  • Santos’ Coffee House
  • Subterranean Coffee

Fast Food – walk in or drive up, order at the counter, walk out with food in hand. May or may not have seating.

  • Jack in the Box
  • Saguaro’s Mexican
  • Sombrero Mexican
  • De Luca’s Pizza

Cafe – indoor/outdoor seating, breakfast/brunch/lunch-style dishes, may not serve dinner

  • Big Kitchen
  • Cafe Madeleine
  • Cardamom Cafe

Dessert – elaborate confections, coffee/tea, maybe some savory dishes

  • Eclipse Chocolat
  • Daily Scoop Ice Cream
  • Heaven Sent Desserts

Restaurants – lunch and dinner, some casual, some fancier

  • South Park Abbey & Grill – BBQ and bar
  • Station Tavern – burgers and beer
  • Mazara’s Trattoria – Italian, low end
  • Brabant – Belgian, full bar
  • Alexander’s – Italian, high end
  • Zensei Sushi – Sushi
  • Smoking Goat – bistro, high end
  • Veg’n Out – vegetarian/vegan
  • Eddie’s Place – Subs & Sandwiches
  • Lefty’ Chicago Pizzeria
  • Paesano’s – Italian, low end
  • Waypoint Public – Bistro, bar
  • Urban Solace – California

Bars/Breweries – Mostly alcohol, maybe some appetizers

  • Stone Brewery
  • Thorn Street Brewery
  • Bluefoot Bar
  • Mosaic Wine Bar
  • True North
  • Pink

Under construction and opening by the end of July

  • Bazinga Eatery – Mac and cheese (yeah, kinda weird…)
  • La Perla Tacos – high end Mexico City style taqueria
  • Influx Cafe – coffee and specialty baked goods (think cupcakes)
  • The Underbelly – Noodle shop
  • Modern Times Brewing – more craft beer

That’s 38 establishments within a 15 minute walk from my house. If I extended the walk to 20 minutes, I could easily expand this list by half.

Study the list carefully. You’ll notice there is only one chain restaurant (JITB) anywhere on the list. Everything else is locally owned and operated. This kind of food cornucopia is where the acceptable face of fat exists. Expensive places like Smoking Goat just across the intersection from Jack in the Box, just a few doors down from Eddie’s, the sandwich place.

My neighborhood is where class intersects with food culture in the narrative of obesity, and where much self-deception ensues.

It is a perfect place to study the contradictions of Fat Land Living.


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