Weekly Menu – May 11-17

Here at Casa Anglachel, we’re anticipating a hot, dry week as Santa Ana winds scorch the county. The food I’m preparing this week is intended to minimize the amount of time spent at the stove or heating the oven. We purchased some relatively cheap chicken thighs (.99/pound) in a family pack and will grill them all tonight, then use the leftover thighs for three more meals this week.

Weekday Main dish Shopping list
Sunday Grilled Chicken Orange & chili marinade, serve with rice, corn on cob, steamed vegetables
Monday Thai Fried Rice Condiments, lime, garlic, ginger, tamarind, onion, bell pepper, cabbage, chicken
Tuesday Spicy Southwestern Tabbouleh Bulgur, olive oil, chick peas, onion, tomato, scallions, bell pepper, cucumber, feta, jalapeno, spices
Wednesday Farro, Chicken and Fruit Salad Farro, dried fruit, shredded chicken, arugula, shallots, olive oil, Tabasco
Thursday Tuscan Tuna & Bean Sandwiches Cannellini beans, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley, tuna, olives, celery, onion, capers
Friday Nasi Goreng Oil, rice, shrimp, garlic, cabbage, chicken, egg, kecap manis, sesame oil, Sriracha
Saturday Black Bean, Corn & Edamame Salad Black beans, edamame, corn cut from cob – serve over barley

Lots of salads, lots of flavorful ingredients. The Tabbouleh is a retread from last week (a very delicious retread, I might add) and most of the rest is intended to create left overs so that if we are really uninspired to cook, we can pull it out of the fridge and dump it on a plate. Here’s how it breaks down, cost wise.

Meal Serves Cost Cost/Serving
Grilled Chicken and Vegetables 2 $5.08 $2.54
Thai Fried Rice 3 $6.01 $2.00
Southwest Tabbouleh 2 $2.59 $1.30
Farro & Chicken Salad 2 $4.03 $2.02
Tuscan Tuna & Bean Sandwiches 4 $6.01 $1.50
Nasi Goreng 4 $5.92 $1.48
Black Bean & Edamame Salad 4 $3.18 $0.80
  • The most expensive meal to prepare is a tie between the Thai Fried Rice and the Bean & Tuna Sandwiches. The fried rice is more expensive per serving, though not as expensive as the grilled chicken.
  • The fried rice is pricey due to the number and amount of condiments used to make the sauce. The limes alone add $1.25 due to a lime shortage.
  • The sandwiches are pricey due to the olives and the particular bread rolls we like to use. Even so, they are only $1.50 per sandwich.
  • The Nasi Goreng was the expensive surprise because its ingredients are actually pretty cheap, except for the shrimp. Even just using 4 oz, it costs as much as the rest of the ingredients combined. I may end up dropping the shrimp. There’s already chicken in the dish, after all.

The weekly cost of dinner, including servings that will be consumed as leftovers, is $32.82, with an average cost per serving of $1.56, so less than last week. Two adults eat dinner for about $3.12 per day.

It takes me at least an hour per week to create my menu, looking at what I already have on hand in the pantry, reviewing our schedules, the weather, what we’re feeling like eating and what’s on sale at the stores. Each of these meals is at least an hour of prep and cooking – unless it’s just a leftover we nuke in the microwave.

In a future post, I’ll talk about what we tend to eat for breakfast and lunch so you can how the rest of our food budget pans out.


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