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Long Term Effects

One of the persistent myths in the fat industry is that the failure of someone to maintain weight loss is due to the individual’s sliding back into their previous slothful habits. If only they would stick with being healthy, then

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Fat and Healthy

The very hardest part of refusing to play ball with the Diet Zombies is trying to disconnect what a person weighs from what the food police presume is the current internal workings of that person’s body. If you pack more

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First, We Kill All the Diets

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, then our society’s approach to the wide spread increase in body mass throughout the nation is spectacularly psychotic. If dieting doesn’t work, then

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Moderate Activity and Arthritis

Mild mannered Clark Kent strikes again. An article in the LA Times today, “Walk now to walk through arthritis later” details how steady moderate activity, specifically walking, can reduce the long-term effects of osteoarthritis. You don’t need to exercise to

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No More Sisyphus

I’ve been using a heart rate monitor during my more intense cardio activities since February 2013. Here is an account of why I’m using it, how I use it and what I think of it. It has been instrumental in

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Learning to Walk

As I talked about in A Call to Action, taking better care of myself meant, first and foremost, being more active, which meant being more conscious about being active. It meant that I had to learn how to walk. You

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Resistence, Far From Futile

Time for a change from the social criticism. One thing that I want to be sure to present in this blog is a positive focus on health that does not have weight reduction as the primary goal. Our social obsession

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Clark Kent, Not Superman

In my post yesterday, The Relativity of Exercise, I pointed out the misleading, unacknowledged bias of the article and perhaps the scientific study it presented, that it compared the effects of a lack of exercise on heart health to the

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