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June Grocery Costs

Monthly grocery budget time! Here’s what got purchased at Casa Anglachel last month. The overall bill is up this month by just over $125. Food Type #Items Cost Previous Up/Down Fresh Produce 123 $143.75 $149.05 -$5.30 General Groceries 19 $92.74

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Learning to Eat

Living in Fat Land is a bit of a through-the-looking-glass experience. The culture is neurotically focused on food consumption, frantically trying to figure out what magic substance should be added to/removed from our plates to roll back the Fat Tide.

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Supporting SNAP Recipients

Now, here is something useful. This morning I was reading The Hairpin and found this article, The Free, Beautiful $4/Day SNAP Cookbook, by Leanne Brown, an NYU student.  Please click the article and give The Hairpin some visitation love, and

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Easy Roasted Potatoes

In honor of the lowly spud, who is much maligned by the food puritans because it is so delicious, I offer up this very simple recipe. It’s what we’re having tonight as a side dish to my roasted Chicken Cacciatore. 

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Weekly Menu – June 8-14

Here is our menu for this week. I haven’t done one of these in a while. This week is probably the most expensive menu we’ve had since Christmas week, and all due to one item. Copper River Sockeye salmon is

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How Can You Regulate Food?

I’m going to try to keep sarcasm to a minimum in this post. I want to focus on exactly how food as such can be regulated. On purely practical terms, how could this work? My jumping off point is an

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May Grocery Costs

I just got done with the grocery budget for May and thought I’d share. Unlike my weekly menus, which make use of pantry items like oil and sugar that may have been purchased some time ago, this account is what

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Weekly Menu – May 18-24

The weather this week is moving back towards seasonally normal temperatures and humidity levels, which means cloudy days with temperatures in the high 60s with some breeziness. I’m taking the opportunity to clean things out of the freezer. Weekday Main

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Dressing Recipe

Here is a recipe for a vinaigrette I’m using on the black bean, corn, edamame and grain salad we’re having for dinner tonight. It’s from Epicurious and is described “This marmalade-sweetened dressing is quintessential Bobby Flay, with bold flavors that

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Weekly Menu – May 11-17

Here at Casa Anglachel, we’re anticipating a hot, dry week as Santa Ana winds scorch the county. The food I’m preparing this week is intended to minimize the amount of time spent at the stove or heating the oven. We

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