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Fat and Healthy

The very hardest part of refusing to play ball with the Diet Zombies is trying to disconnect what a person weighs from what the food police presume is the current internal workings of that person’s body. If you pack more

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No More Sisyphus

I’ve been using a heart rate monitor during my more intense cardio activities since February 2013. Here is an account of why I’m using it, how I use it and what I think of it. It has been instrumental in

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My Environment

When I decided, back in 2011, that I needed to do things for myself to improve my health, I knew this couldn’t be yet another round of find a diet and lose some weight. Been there, done that, knew it

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Learning to Walk

As I talked about in A Call to Action, taking better care of myself meant, first and foremost, being more active, which meant being more conscious about being active. It meant that I had to learn how to walk. You

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Resistence, Far From Futile

Time for a change from the social criticism. One thing that I want to be sure to present in this blog is a positive focus on health that does not have weight reduction as the primary goal. Our social obsession

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A Call to Action

In the About page, I briefly mention that I made a lot of changes in how I approached my health starting in early 2011. The shift in focus in my life was a major reason for stopping work on my

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