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The Myth of Sisyphus

The prognosis is worse than not good. The prognosis is that the condition is terminal. We denizens of Fat Land are aware that the task of losing weight is a terminal condition. Most of us will die in the process.

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The Land of the Fat

The big news in the War on Fat this morning is a research analysis paper published in The Lancet. It is a survey of studies and reports of height and weight in populations around the world. It is, oddly enough,

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My biggest objection to the War on Fat People (and, good lord and little fishes, but I do have a lot of objections to this war…) is the sad fact that there is very little (if any) genuine concern for

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A Rose by Any Other Name

So I’m perusing one of my favorite food sites, Eater: San Diego, to see what food insanity is gripping my fair burgh today, and I come across a link to this click-bait article, “How ‘Hyperpalatable’ Foods Could Turn You Into

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Clark Kent, Not Superman

In my post yesterday, The Relativity of Exercise, I pointed out the misleading, unacknowledged bias of the article and perhaps the scientific study it presented, that it compared the effects of a lack of exercise on heart health to the

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Health is More Than Weight

If you’ve been consuming the news about obesity, you can be excused for thinking that being fat = being in bad health = being on a fast train to Bad Things Happening. Why is this the message? First off, it’s

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